What are we?

We are exactly what you've been looking for: an online English school that will make you overcome the fear of speaking English.

We are the people who will give you back your lost confidence. Never feel awkward, shy or out-of-place again during and English conversation.

We offer Skype English lessons that will help you overcome social boundaries, while breaking the language barrier.

Not only will we make you speak better English, but we will also make you feel better while doing it.

Book your first FREE lesson now and you will not be disappointed!

Who are we...

Hi, guys! This is us, Dragos and Irina, the founding father and mother of this beautiful school.

And this is our story:

We met on a wonderful Malaysian island called Langkawi and never lost each other again. We were volunteers, helping out in a wonderful resort in the middle of the jungle.

During this amazing two-year trip all around Asia we ran into a new lifestyle, all of it based on human interaction and communication.

We met a million incredible people from all over the world, all having one thing in common: language.

English was like a gift to us, connecting our different nationalities. Dragos is Romanian and Irina is Russian. Lukas is both.

In the time spent together, we saw many people who didn't want to speak because they weren't very confident in their English skills. That's what gave us the idea for 'The Gifted' online school.

Our focus is on conversational English. We will make you the talker you've always wanted to be.

Not only will we help you get better in English, but also feel better when talking it.

Never feel shy, awkward or out of place, when starting a conversation or joining one, no matter the topic.

And you can do it all from the comfort of your own home. Join us!

Dragos, Irina and Lukas

...and how did we get here?

 As we told you above, a two-year trip around Asia totally changed our lives for the better, forever. 

Take a peek below at our incredible oriental adventure.

It is what gave us the idea for 'The Gifted' online English school and it is the reason why the school works today.


How much is it?

15 EUR / hour
1st lesson - 0 EUR
The first lesson lasts for 20 minutes and it is FREE of charge. If you enjoy it, you are more than welcome to come back and buy any package you think fits you.
4 lessons - 51 EUR
A package of 4 x '60 minutes' lessons / 2 weeks brings you a 15% discount from the base price. So, in total, 51 EUR.
8 lessons - 96 EUR
A package of 8 x '60 minutes' lessons / 1 month brings you a 20% discount from the base price. So, in total, 96 EUR.


How to book?

 You can call us, send us a message below, send us an e-mail, add us on Skype or find us on Facebook and Instagram.

We will discuss all the details there.

The Gifted Online English School
E-mail: hello@en.thegiftedenglish.com Phone: +40 729 359 779